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Dog Grooming Services


Reputable Pet Salon and Product Store

If you need dog grooming services for your furry friend or need to buy pet supplies, turn to Zimmer’s Grooming Salon. We are a trusted dog salon and supply store serving clients in Portland, OR. With over 36 years of dog grooming expertise, our knowledgeable staff can make each visit enjoyable for your pet.
Pet Grooming

Cute Pet Hairstyles, Pet Supplies, and More

Giving your dog a haircut is a practical thing to do, so let us know if you require dog grooming services for your dog. But if you prefer a longer hairstyle for your dog, you can also count on our pet salon to help maintain its look for as long as you like. We also have quality pet supplies for sale.

Get Reliable and Quality Dog Care

At Zimmer’s Grooming Salon, we dedicate ourselves to providing the finest pet care services and pet products. With our dog salon keeping an eye on your canine companion, you know your dog is in good hands. Our staff treats each dog like family, so call us for pet grooming services at (503) 285-4264.